FNC’s Wallace Battles Stein — ‘Where Do You Get Off’ Saying the American People Are Calling for a Recount?

Am i the only one that have noticed? Dishonest leftists just can’t shut up. Dominate every conversation with their endless nonsense and shallow word salad. It’s like they have all gone to the same shallow, leftist school for stupid airheads

From Breitbart

On this weekend’s broadcast of  “Fox New Sunday,” host Chris Wallace got into a heated exchange with 2016 Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein while discussing her attempts to initiate recounts of the presidential vote in several swing states.

When Stein claimed “the American people” were calling for the recount, Wallace asked where did Stein “get off” saying the American people are calling for a recount.

Wallace challenged Stein several times asking, “How many votes did you get?”

Ref.: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/12/04/fncs-wallace-battles-stein-where-do-you-get-off-saying-the-american-people-are-calling-for-a-recount/



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