PizzaGate Pedophilia Info Suggests Child Torture, Murder Part Of Pizza Package Deals

In a video report on the depths to which the horrific PizzaGate perversion, torture and murder of children web is now becoming better known to the American public, SGT Report leads off by playing a clip that they obtained from Infowars reporter Joe Biggs. It’s a really disturbing message from Comet Ping Pong, one of the DC Pizza operations suspected by many of being a cover for child abuse, torture, pedophilia and murder.

Biggs reads the message in part, saying, “Last month’s satisfied customers were raving about our pizza and we all know you will too. Repeat customer know the drill. For “newcummers,” first run the program given you by your special friend. All instructions on how to enjoy this joyous hobby will be easily understandable. But please remember, penalties for breaking the rules, which are also included in the program. Very few have broken the rules and needless to say, the penalties are harsh. All pricing is included in the app. The app will only run on and the following requirements must be met.”

Of course there is hidden messaging throughout this thing. Why would newcummers be spelled in that manner to describe either pizza or ping pong and why the need for secrecy and a special friend to engage in their supposed business activities? Why would there be so few that have broken the ping pong rules or any  reason to have pizza rules? And why would the punishment be severe?

Biggs continues, reading, “This month we have five fresh pizzas for your enjoyment. We also have four surviving pizzas from last month’s session. All are on sale at extremely low priced [sic] as they are in poor health and not expected to survive. Our requirement is that you finish eating your pizza after your session.”

Biggs has his questions, and SGT will read another section that he left out that has even more upsetting content and questions, but clearly they are not discussing pizzas. No business would save leftover pizzas and offer them for sale at a later date. This is a complete fraud and cover up of horrific crimes against children, likely by some very powerful people. Biggs questions, “How are pizza in poor health, not expected to survive? And finish eating your pizza after your session.” He notes that there is another location nearby, called Buck’s.

The SGT Report reads the next paragraph that Biggs left off, which states, “‘This month’s special includes a thirty percent discount on severe torture. Each image below is available for’ he was unable to make out the amount. Are they pricing the torture of children into their packages? It certainly could be what they’re saying, hidden by just barely enough ambiguity to be able to deny the obvious.

They also get into the connections between the Clinton camp to all of this, specifically Hillary Clinton being a big fan of Roberta’s Pizza in New York. There is some very disturbing imagery in the Roberta’s artwork, including satanic symbolism, as well as a vertical “reptilian” pupil in the pentagram shaped pizza, and another message that says “eat pizza not people.” Sure, maybe they’re just childish and lame advertisements but is enough to cause reasonable suspicion that all of these innuendos have a nefarious underlying purpose and warrant an investigation.

It’s time for the mainstream media to act like journalists and start asking some of these obvious questions or for the FBI to get involved, since they are the ones who are supposed to be policing crimes such as kidnapping, child abuse, torture, murder, child and human trafficking – the kind of thing that the evidence indicates is going on here.

Of course, any media or law enforcement involvement would be contingent on them not already being involved in and covering up for the crimes themselves. Just like Congress doing nothing at the border, there might be a self serving reason underlying it.




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