Fort Pierce Hillary rally: “She’s the Queen of Death”

Hillary Clinton was greeted by hundreds of protesters at her rally in Fort Pierce, FL, as angry Floridians fasten for the FIGHT for the White House.

(FORT PIERCE, FL) Hundreds of Pro-Trump protesters gathered outside Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce, FL on Friday.

“She is the queen of death,” one female protester holding a pro-life banner yelled. “Look up Margret Sanger, she is the queen of death,” she added.

One black female Clinton supporter with a French-Haitian accent was heard yelling “Donald Trump is a traitor.”

The large crowd was also heard chanting “Hillary for prison,” as a coach bus arrived outside the theatre. A few protesters mistakenly rushed the bus, which contained chartered press and not Hillary Clinton, and gathered around the exiting doors before Secret Service agents and local police forcibly removed them.

At the front of the crowd, an older white male wearing an embroidered veterans hat proudly waved a custom made flag with the writing “TRUMP for president.”

Later in the morning, another group lined the streets of Fort Pierce’s main strip and sang Bannarama’s “Goodbye” song, directed at the Democratic nominee.

A Haitian man was heard arguing with a Trump supporter near the Sunrise Theatre. “That’s my home, you say go home,” the black male wearing a blue polo and dark blue jeans said while pointing at the pavement of Second Street in downtown Fort Pierce.

The Trump supporter dawning a star spangled banner hat with the writing “Trump 2016” responded, “go back to your stinking island. This is my home.”

According to the wife of the man wearing the “Trump 2016” hat, prior to the exchange, the Haitian man was calling Trump supporters “losers” and repeatedly saying to passers by “go home losers”.

At approximately 11:30 AM EST, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said the Sunrise Theater had 1,200 people inside,  telling WPBF25 reporter Jimmie Johnson Jr. the venue had reached full capacity. St. Lucie County Fire Chief, Captain Debbie Knupp, also confirmed to TRUNEWS correspondant Fior Hernandez that the event had reached seating capacity. Fior did note however that  a section inside with atleast 100 seats was sealed off by the Clinton campaign for press covering the event.

After the rally ended, a Black male attendee accused a Trump supporter — who was holding an American flag, wearing a red, white, and blue hat, and holding a sign detailing various Clinton scandals— of being from Russia. “You’re not a Floridian,” the gray haired man said, finishing,“where was your flag made? Probably Russia, you don’t know, because you’re not an American.”

The TRUNEWS team estimates rally attendance was roughly 1,700, with 1,000 inside Sunrise Theatre, and 700 outside unable to enter.

Jim Gioin, the leader of the Pro-Trump protest, claimed his groups numbers to be around 300, however, the team believes a more accurate count is around 150.

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