Trey Gowdy Drops a TRUTHBOMB With New Proof That Comey and Clinton Broke Federal Laws TOGETHER

James Comey and Hillary did some pretty nasty things, and it’s time for them to get what they deserve. At least that is what Trey Gowdy thinks. Trey Gowdy and every American on Earth. Is it possible that Hillary gets away with everything she does?

Maybe. Maybe not. Hopefully, this proof will take here to where she belongs. You can’t do whatever pops into your mind, and live happily ever after, Hillary. Check what Gowdy has to say.

Via Conservative 101

Congressman Trey Gowdy is finished putting up with the sick ways FBI Director James Comey keeps covering up for his crony Hillary Clinton. Gowdy had the courage to stand up to Comey and tell him what he thinks of him directly to his face.

Said Gowdy in a hearing, “What would she have had to do to warrant your recommendation for prosecution?” Comey tried to cover for himself by saying that there would have to be proof of her intent. Gowdy ripped him apart.

Said Trey, “But the way to prove that is whether or not someone took steps to conceal or destroy what they’ve done. That is the best evidence you have that they knew it was wrong, that they lied about it.” Comey acted like he didn’t buy that, so Trey continued, ” … you have to prove it by circumstantial evidence such as whether or not the person intended to set up an e-mail system outside the State Department.”

Concluded Trey, “I think you would agree with this, Director — false exculpatory statements are gold in a courtroom. I would rather have a false exculpatory statement than a confession. I would rather have someone lie about something and it be provable that that is a lie, such as that I neither sent nor received classified information. Such as that I turned over all of my work related e-mails. All of that to me goes to the issue of intent.” Watch the video below of Gowdy ripping Comey apart:

That’s what we all hope for, Hillary. America hopes for you to get your “reward.” America deserves a better president, and a strong leader. Something that you will never be.

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