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Image: Fierce Cold Sweeps Antarctica, Drives The Continent -4.4C Below 1979-2000 Average; Persistent Chills Reduce Central Washington Cherry Harvest; + Slumberous Sun

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Glaring Inconsistency In Estimating CO2 vs. Solar Forcing Suggests CO2 Impacts Are Wildly Exaggerated! .. and in the real world there’s something called convection, convection render all theories of magical, human CO2 irrelevant due to the fact: If you can’t measure it, – you can’t prove (or observe) it either. Convection can be measured, calculated and observed and we understand both what and why.

It’s the sun – stupid!!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
“This preservation of favourable variations and the destruction of injurious variations, I call Natural Selection, or the Survival of the Fittest.” – Charles Darwin 1859



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