The Streets Of France Have Turned Into War Zones Thanks To Refugees

Nearly a year ago, Paris, France experienced the worst terror attack in history at the hands of ISIS psychopaths. From that day forward, Europe has been absolutely demolished and taken over by refugees, Islam, and ISIS terrorists hiding and waiting to carry out their next attack.

Since the refugee crisis, France has accepted 13,000 refugees, but many experts argue that number could be much higher given that many are sneaking in and out covertly. Nevertheless, France has been experiencing many problems with refugees, and it has led to officials afraid they are going to lose their country.

They are unskilled, costing a lot in taxpayer funds, they do not work, they are sucking welfare programs dry, and many have been linked to ISIS. French authorities have issued several warnings that they suspect many to have ties to ISIS and are worried another large scale attack is in the near future.

With that, French authorities have begun to prepare for a “civil war” against Muslims in order to “clean up” their country, according to prominent author Éric Zemmour, who claims a high ranking government source told him of the plan.


French Authorities Forced To Militarily Push Back On Refugees Trying To Take Over Their Country

Franco-Algerian Zemmour gave an interview with French radio station RTL during which he revealed details of a program called “Operation Ronces,” developed in coordination with the Israeli Army based on their experiences in Gaza.

The French government has been secretly preparing for a “civil war” against Muslims as a way to “clean up” the country in response to numerous riots and terror attacks in recent years, claims Zemmour, who characterizes the plan as a “new reconquista on their own soil.”

Zemmour’s warning is echoed by Patrick Calvar, who is the head of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). Calvar told members of a French parliamentary commission earlier this summer that France was “on the brink of civil war”.

In July, following the Nice truck attack that killed nearly 90 people, Jonathan Miller, an elected council member in the French village, said that the attack had “shaken France to the brink of a terrifying escalation” and that citizens were responding by joining gun clubs as well as historically buying weapons and ammunition to protect themselves because they feared the Government had lost control.

French security forces are also preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources. Last week, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that new terror attacks in France were inevitable and that 15,000 Islamic extremists who are already living in the country were in the process of being radicalized.

Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, France, said a growing “Jihad Generation” is likely to continue to carry out terror acts in European cities. “The aim of their terror activity is to both incite hatred towards Muslims and, in doing so, cause further radicalization among young people,” the professor of political science said.

Muslims Are Rioting And Destroying The Streets Of France, Civil War Coming

Muslims Are Rioting And Destroying The Streets Of France, Civil War Coming

The civil war will ruin Europe, and then these terrorists will expand their caliphate from the Middle East into parts of Europe. Europe still on edge following a wave of terror attacks in recent months, and authorities are now accepting that they must go to war in order to take their country back before it is too late.

Last night, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that “every day attacks are foiled … (including) as we speak.”

Prime Minister Valls said nearly 15,000 people in France are being tracked because they are suspected of being in the process of radicalization, while 1,350 are under investigation – 293 of them for alleged links with a terrorism network.

‘Today the threat is at a maximum, and we are a target,’ Valls said on Europe 1 radio. ‘Every day intelligence services, police foil attacks, dismantle networks, track terrorists.’
Despite the tracking, with plots uncovered, ‘There will be new attacks. There will be innocent victims,’ the prime minister said.

Is this what we want to happen inside the United States? We are benefiting from examining a case study. We can see that Europe is being decimated with refugees and terrorism. There is a civil war occurring between the French government and Muslims. If that isn’t telling enough, there may never be a better example to offer.

If it only took 15,000 refugees to spark a civil war, imagine what is going to happen now that Obama has allowed almost 11,000 into the United States. Or, if Hillary wins this election, she has openly argued that she will accept more than 100,000 Syrian refugees annually.

It only took 19 to carry out 9/11, so imagine the range of possibilities terrorists would have in the United States if 100,000 were allowed in. Or if by 2020, there are 500,000 more if Hillary wins. We will lose our country for good.

The Constitution allows the President to ban immigrants from other countries if they come from a warzone and they would endanger the populace.

If Trump wins, he would also appoint more Conservative Justices to serve on the Supreme Court, so he would be able to temporarily ban Muslims flowing into this country. He would keep us safer, and would not allow millions of refugees and illegals to run wild and carry out terrorist attacks.

We need Donald Trump now more than ever. The future of our country is depending on it. Do you agree?

Source: Conservative Daily Post


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