Geraint Hughes – Experimental Debunk of Climate Science

Image: NOAA declares “La Niña” watch for the Fall: the Global Cooling Accelerator

Related: The USA’s Rocky Mountains Have Not Been Cooperating With The Global Warming Narrative (There has been no net warming in the Rocky Mountains in the last 500 years)

Video: Climate of Sophistry
There is no, and never has been, ANY experimental evidence for the basis of climate alarm and climate science. The entire field of climate is basically simply a pseudoscience of political expedience which ends with the vilification of the life molecule of carbon dioxide

Full article at Climate of Sophistry

Comprehensive Data Analysis Shows Hurricane Hours Is Cyclic…Has Fallen Significantly Past 25 Years!

Czech Extreme Weather Fatalities Study Finds “Statistically Significant Falling Trend”…Most Related To Cold!

Strong Link Between Solar Activity And Rapid Cooling (2-3°C/Century) In China During The Last 5000 Years


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