On Fox News’ Outnumbered, Geraldo Rivera said that “The nation was not ready for a black president.”

Himself a minority, Geraldo theorized that the country simply isn’t race-blind enough to see past the hypothetical war between the perceived “privileged” white community, and the minority community in America.

He tries to prove his point by pointing out how the vast majority of racial minorities vote Democrat. There is no ideological explanation as to why nearly all Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians tend to vote for the liberal party. The only explanation very well might be the fact that they, as a minority population, feel as if they must stand together against what they perceive as a majority out to get them. But that is how the Dems pander to them, “Woe is you, you are so discriminated against, let us handle that for you.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic party is easily seen as the most divisive, having created everything from the KKK to the genocidal Planned Parenthood that ‘specializes’ in exterminating minorities.

Geraldo Rivera: Obama Failed Because “the Nation was not Ready for a Black President”

Geraldo River was on Fox News’ Outnumbered this week, and he brought up the president’s race as a potential reason for the huge divisions we have here in America.

Rivera said, “I think, and his is just strictly my Constitutionally protected opinion—I know you get mad at me but I think this—I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president. And I think the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when you strip away everything else, the gun rights, terror and all the rest of it—what you have essentially is a nation divided between white people and everybody else in broad strokes.’

Just by continually bringing up race you make it the focal point, which a primary weapon of the Left. If Obama had come in and actually fully restored our Republic and truly gotten the economy on the mend, NOBODY could talk about race because he would be supported heavily by the Right, regardless of his race.

But, he is a treasonous, Marxist criminal. So, the Left has to divert attention away from this fact by making the conversation about race, which they continue to in the most hypocritical fashion.



Incompetence leads to BAD results .. Who the fu .. wants that? Got nothing to do with foot-size, color, gender or age .. Gee, leftists even stinks at making excuses!



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