Gingrich: We’re Going to Be ‘Shocked’ How Few People Care About the ‘Never Trumpers

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich downplayed what effect the so-called “Never Trump” contingent would have on Tuesday outcome in the presidential election.

According to the Trump surrogate, much of the “Never Trump” opposition within the GOP is pushback against a “hostile takeover” of the party, but in the end he said we’re going to be “shocked” at how few people care about “Never Trump.”

“[T]he truth is, Donald Trump represented an outside grassroots populism that was furious at the Republican leadership,” Gingrich said. “When this campaign began, 63 percent of all Republicans said they did not like their leadership in Washington. And those are the people who nominated Trump. Well, it turns out some of the folks in Washington didn’t particularly like having what is in effect an outsider populist hostile takeover of the party. I get that.”

“And some of them would rather have Hillary Clinton win and have a left-wing Supreme Court and have the corruption continue rather than elect Donald Trump,” he continued. “I get that. The question for Trump is, can he arouse enough voters to overcome these? My guess is he can. I think we’re going to be shocked how relatively few people there are who care about the never Trumpers.”

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