Jaw-Dropping INFORMATION REGARDING Hillary Emails

In a recent hearing covering Hillary Clinton’s emails, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee was asking for Hillary’s emails to be provided to Congress.

Charles McCullough, Intelligence Community Inspector General was in the hot seat, and said he couldn’t provide the emails to congress without getting the agency’s permission.  Chaffetz asked, “Which agency?”  McCullough replied by saying he wasn’t permitted to reveal the government agency.

Chaffetz was stunned.  “So you can’t even tell me which agency won’t allow us, as members of congress, to see something that Hillary Clinton allowed somebody without a security clearance in a non-protected format to see?”

The emails were so secret, even certain inspectors had to get special security clearance to see them, according to McCullough.

If Hillary Clinton wins the election, the country we know and love, is gone.  It will be the end of America.

Source: http://dennismichaellynch.com/jaw-dropping-segmenthillary-clinton-email-hearing/



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