GOP senators warn judge against sentencing Trump to prison

Published June 5, 2024

Senate Republicans are warning New York Judge Juan Merchan not to sentence former President Trump to prison or house arrest or take any other action that could disrupt the likely GOP nominee’s ability to campaign ahead of the November election.

It could take months for Trump to appeal his conviction on 34 felony counts related to the falsification of business documents, and legal experts don’t expect the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court to intervene to help him.

That means that Trump’s fate rests largely with Merchan, who could choose punishments ranging from prison and house arrest to probation and community service.

Merchan, who earned favorable reviews from legal experts for his careful handling of the case, will sentence Trump on July 11, four days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Republican senators acknowledge that legal experts say it would be highly unusual for Trump to receive a prison sentence for a class E felony and that he would most likely be allowed to remain free pending his appeal to higher state courts.



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Published June 4, 2024

Republicans in the Senate warned New York Judge Juan Merchan to avoid sentencing former president Donald Trump to prison or house arrest, which could hinder the anticipated GOP nominee from campaigning before the elections in November.

The fate of Trump rests largely on Merchan’s decision about sentencing the former president on the 34 felony counts following his conviction. Merchan is bound to deliver the sentence on July 11, which is only days away from the GOP Convention in Milwaukee, The Hill reported.

Republican senators recognize the legal opinion of experts, who stated that the likelihood of Trump getting a prison sentence for a first-offense Class E felony is very small. There is a good probability that he will be allowed to remain free pending his appeal to a higher court.

Legal experts noted that it could take months for the former president to appeal his conviction, and accordingly However, they were also anxious about the latitude that Merchan has in imposing the sentence since they felt that he skewed the trial to work against the favor of the team of Trump.




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