HAPPENING NOW: Acosta MUST Lose His Press Pass For What He JUST DID to President Trump

Jim Acosta should have his press pass removed now.

The clown “reporter” from fake news CNN has turned into a one-man diva show.

He lacks respect, professionalism, and spreads phony “news.”

Now, he’s screaming at the president over the recent shooting at the Annapolis newspaper, where five people were killed, demanding to know if President Trump will now stop calling the propaganda press the “enemy of the people,” as if somehow President Trump’s remarks were somehow tied to the shooting spree – they were not.

Acosta now looks like he’s auditioning for a reality show, the way he conducts himself. Notice during the video, he gets a smug look on his face when a fellow journalist appears to give him a “pat on his back” for his disrespectful actions.

Ref.: https://truthfeednews.com/happening-now-acosta-must-lose-his-press-pass-for-what-he-just-did-to-president-trump/

Glenn Reacts to Capital Gazette Shooting in Annapolis


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