What do you think happen to a Tesla say after for example 2 years??

By R. J. L.

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If you live in Norway and your Tesla is involved in an accident, it doesn’t necessarily get repaired, instead they will be collected in specialized “Tesla-graveyards” where the workers need special education and safety precautions to process the “green”, feel-good, political correct crap ..

Tesla-kirkegården i Brumunddal

Steinar Johansen sitt bilde.

According to the article, Tesla wrecks (average 2 years old) has become a million (NOK) business for a local company, Grønvolds Bildemontering, where they are taking apart damaged Teslas then exporting parts to other European countries because it’s too expensive to repair.

Ref.: https://www.h-a.no/nyhet/tesla-kirkegaarden-i-brumunddal

Electric Teslas may be no greener than petrol and diesel cars despite being marketed as the world’s most environmentally friendly vehicles

  • Energy used to build Teslas and generate electricity for them is equal to petrol
  • Battery-powered cars such as Teslas are charged with power station energy 
  • Luxury Tesla Model S battery powered cars cost £66,730 each 

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