Hillary Clinton Is Unraveling Before Our Eyes

Clinton’s physical and mental health are now being openly questioned in the mainstream media

Now that Hillary Clinton has recovered from pneumonia, responsible websites such as Vox and HillaryClinton.com have politely asked everyone to please shut up forever about her health.

Clinton is back on her feet and feels (and looks!) great — which is why a recent commentary in The Hill by Dr. John R. Coppedge is so hurtful:

Hillary Clinton exhibited abnormal eye movements during her recent speech in Philadelphia and they were not photoshopped.

Her eyes did not always move in the same direction at the same time. It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve. That nerve serves only one function and that is to make the lateral rectus muscle contract. That muscle turns the eye in the direction away from the midline.

It comes out of the base of the brain and runs along the floor of the skull, immediately beneath the brain before coursing upward to the eye. Dysfunction of that muscle causes the striking picture of the eyes not aiming in the same direction and causes the patient to suffer double vision.

Like all things medical, there is a long list of potential causes but in my opinion the most likely one, based on Clinton’s known medical history is an intermittent lateral rectus palsy caused by damage to or pressure on her sixth cranial nerve.

Why is Dr. Coppedge using his fancy medical education to explain Hillary’s bizarre behavior, instead of commentating on the real issues, like Trump’s racist tweets? (Short answer: Sexism. Long answer: He is a sexist.)

Coppedge concludes his hate-filled diatribe with an uncouth recommendation:

I once again suggest that she undergo an independent neurologic exam and have proper studies to determine whether or not she still has a blood clot at the base of her brain, swelling of the brain, increased intracranial pressure and whether or not her 2012 traumatic brain injury was accompanied by a skull fracture with or without bleeding around or in the brain itself and if there are any residual areas of scarring of the brain.

Clinton has already scoffed at the idea of taking a neurological test of any kind, insisting that she has been more than forthcoming about her health.

In fact, all this “what is wrong with your crazy googly eyes?” stuff is really starting to make Hillary angry. And now she’s directing all her pent-up fury at the stupid voters who don’t support her:

Pro tip: Watch with the sound off. It’s even more painful:

“Having said all this, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask?” Clinton [SCREAMS]. “Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. I need your help to get Donald Trump’s record out to everybody. Nobody should be fooled.”

Hillary Clinton is unraveling before our very eyes.

Will she even show up for the first debate with Trump?


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