Hillary Refuses To Accept Loss As Lawless Clinton Camp Pulls Dirty Trick

Everything #Hilloccio has been doing had to be paid for by money coming from her donors, of course, not her own pocket. Paid staffers, paid “actors” for her events, paid security, paid journalists, paid newspapers and networks etc. And now, also paid “rioters” and paid criminals for extortions. None of this would be possible if the system did work as it should. The corruption in the system, from Barry O. Bummer and down, is mind-boggling. It’s the last desperate attempt by Clinton Crime Inc. to steal the power, that’s what criminals do ..

Story from Mad World News

Although Hillary Clinton conceded to Donald Trump after his history-making victory over the arrogant Democrat candidate, it seems that the Clinton campaign isn’t graciously accepting defeat after all. The lawless Clinton camp was busted pulling a dirty trick, proving Hillary isn’t going to go away quietly and she’s not done trying to cheat We the People yet.

As Hillary’s supporters continue to riot across the country, throwing violent temper tantrums, many Americans have called for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to speak up and demand that the destruction stop. However, instead of attempting to quell the chaos, Hillary further encouraged it during a recent speech. Unfortunately, the brazen acts of Hillary, her supporters, and even her campaign staffers to overturn our election process don’t end there. In fact, it gets so much worse.

Hillary Clinton supporters are now directly harassing electors, demanding they change their votes and become “faithless electors,” not casting their votes for Donald Trump in the electoral college, but that’s not all. What’s worse, Hillary Clinton’s hands are far from clean in the matter. While The Spokesman-Review delved into a barrage of intimidation being slung at Idaho electors, the terroristic behavior from the Hillary supporters is happening all over, and of course, Hillary’s camp has been found to be behind it all.

It was discovered that various lists of electors with their personal contact information were floated around the internet. One such list was put out by the Twitter account @VoteHillary2016, the administrator of which happens to be Steve Rosinski, a former advanceman for Clinton/Gore and a rabid Clinton proponent, according to WZ.

Screenshot of Steve Rosinski with Hillary (Source: WZ)

Picture: Screenshot of Steve Rosinski with Hillary Clinton (Source: WZ). Encouraging people to call the electors, @VoteHillary2016 published a spreadsheet on Twitter listing their addresses and contact information. There was just one huge problem with the list besides the fact it’s grossly unethical to encourage harassment. Although there is no federal rule requiring electors to be “faithful,” some states do make being a faithless elector illegal. This didn’t matter to the corrupt Clinton backer, who included in his list the electors where such an act would be illegal — effectively encouraging illegal activity, which is in itself illegal, according to WZ.

Coming from someone associated with the Clinton campaign, should we really be surprised? Even after a devastating loss, team Hillary still believes she is above the law, our Constitution, and We the People. Of course, when it was pointed out that what @VoteHillary2016 was doing was illegal, he took another page out of the Clinton playbook, destroying the evidence. WZ reports, the tweet was deleted and the Twitter profile was wiped clean so no one would see the connection to the campaign. 

Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Four presidential electors in Idaho have reported receiving harassing phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages. “A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said elector Layne Bangerter, according to The Spokesman-Review. Bangerter added that although he doesn’t personally feel intimidated, “We’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.” Referring to another Trump elector, Caleb Lakey of Kuna, Bangerter explained, “Caleb told me he had over 200 and something when he checked this morning.

Elector Jennifer Locke of Coeur d’Alene feels a little differently than Bangerter. She said, “It is concerning to me. It does feel like some level of intimidation,” adding, “They’re not even from this state – it’s Oregon, New York, California, Massachusetts, a lot of these is where I’m getting messages from.”

Of course, the callers use the usual false allegations of “sexism” and “racism” to question whether Trump is fit to be president while displaying their own bigotry. “They attack my religion, they attack my politics, they tell me that I must be a terrible father, I must be a terrible American, they use foul language – every swear word,” Bangerter said. “They’re just trying to steal this thing. They won’t be able to do it, but they’re trying.”

Luckily, the left’s intimidation tactics don’t seem to be working. Bangerter said he considers the December 19 meeting “a formality,” and his vote has not been swayed. However, the fact that Hillary’s supporters and even those connected to her campaign would attempt to do so, demanding an elector break their commitment to their party while using insults, vulgar language, and threats, lacks civility — and once again proves exactly why Donald Trump is now our President-elect. Hillary Clinton and those who are behind her repeatedly prove that these Democrats lack integrity and respect for America, her citizens, and our Constitution.

Ref.: http://madworldnews.com/lawlessness-clinton-camp-hillary/



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