Hillary’s ‘Cleaner’ Busted In Video Before Debate, Sinister Identity Exposed

Theories surrounding the mystery man, now dubbed Hillary Clinton’s “Cleaner,” who swooped in after the debate to clear her podium, have been ongoing all week. While many reports and videos focused on what he did after the debate ended, a new video is emerging, exposing what he was doing before the candidates took the stage. More frightening, his identity may be more sinister than originally thought.

Since the first presidential debate this week, we’ve been following and reporting the many theories emerging about Hillary Clinton’s cheating, including the previously unidentified strange man who quickly rushed the stage, picking up what appears to be a file from Hillary’s podium, then appeared to seek out moderator Lester Holt to hand off whatever he had removed.

Yesterday, some sources had identified the mystery man as allegedly being retired NBC staffer George Lewis, who now does “freelancing.” However, information emerging today gives the man a new identity that’s much more sinister. Then, there’s also what he was caught doing before the debate that’s really raising eyebrows.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the mystery man, who is no longer believed to be George Lewis, was the first person to meet Hillary after she exited her van before the debate. In a new video making its rounds across the internet, Hillary is seen after arriving in the parking garage before walking into the building with the man who would later come to be called her “Cleaner,” causing many to speculate as to whether he handed her notes or placed them on her podium before the debate.

What’s worse than Hillary being seen with the “Cleaner” prior to the debate is who manysources now believe this man is. Many are suggesting that the cleanup man is lawyer Brady Williamson, who has been involved with and has had close ties with the Clintons for years. According to a leaked email, Hillary had a private meeting with him in 2009, proving there’s been a relationship between Williams and Hillary for some time.

Brady Williamson (Source: 70News)

Brady Williamson (Source: 70News)

Williamson is a long-time Democrat strategist and a three-decade member of the Democrat debate negotiating team, according to 70News, and Fox News host Brit Hume has identified him as Hillary’s podium “Cleaner,” which is raising all kinds of new questions.

Why would Hillary use a lawyer and not an intern to pick up papers from her podium? Why would this big-shot lawyer, who’s won cases in the supreme court, need to retrieve something from her podium in such a hurry, just 10 seconds after the debate finished? Unfortunately, those questions may be the least of our worries.

Williamson, who is listed here as working with the Clinton campaign and a Washington Post article written in March of 2016 identifies as an adviser of Hillary’s campaign, has some sinister and disturbing ties that should cause further concern if he is, in fact, Hillary’s “Cleaner.” Not only has he been involved in scandals of his own, he also has ties to Egypt and the Arab Spring. According to The Gateway Pundit:

…Williamson was involved in projects in Iraq, Southern Sudan, Egypt and Bangladesh, traveling frequently to Baghdad and East Africa to work with the committees drafting new national and regional constitutions. His constitutional work has been sponsored, under a grant from the U.S. government, by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), a nonprofit organization working to strengthen democracy world-wide.

It’s also reported that the NDI was given a grant of $14 million and then court proceedings against NDI’s staff began in Cairo on February 2012. NDI was charged with managing an unlicensed nongovernmental organization and receiving funds from the U.S. government without the approval of the Egyptian government.

Now, remember how Hillary had the private meeting with Williamson in 2009 according to the leaked email? That was December 10, 2009. Williamson worked on projects that were funded by the $14 million NDI grant, which was approved in April 2011 by the U.S. Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

To make matters even more questionable, who do you think was scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the NDI’s 2011 Democracy Awards Dinner on November 7, 2011? Yes, it was none other than then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. If all of that doesn’t sound sketchy, I don’t know what does. Add to that the fact that he now seems to be doing some dirty work, cleaning up for crooked Hillary Clinton, and it paints a picture of even more corruption.




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