Hillary’s Loss Messed Up John Kerry’s Plan to RIP US ALL OFF

Of course the global communists that are currently in charge weren’t able to complete their objective of complete and total destruction of the country with the Clinton loss, but they’re very good at adaptation. Instead of behaving appropriately, with class and respect as is customary and keeping their mouths shut and their nose pointed elsewhere once their period in power is done, these ass hats are going to be getting in the way.

They’re going to be sharing their minuscule allocation of wisdom, wrapped in heaping doses of stupidity and treachery, with their successors and the rest of us. Just when we had hoped we might finally be free of these monsters, the arrogant, elite know-it-alls are proclaiming their intent to stick around.

In a Tuesday speech, Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton obstructionist John Kerry announced that he would not “go quietly into the night,” that he will be playing a significant role in what he envisions as “one hell of a debate” about the country over the next few years.

His pledge is laughable in the fact that his accomplishments were nonexistent and the damage, such as the Iran deal, the hostage ransom, the climate hoax rip-off, the globalization that is destroying our sovereignty, the destruction of our border security and the flooding of America with ISIS interns are evidence that he either has no idea what he’s doing or, more probably, is the same treasonous snake in the grass that he’s always been.

While Kerry didn’t mention Crooked Hillary or President-elect Trump by name, he made it obvious that he was upset by the people preferring to toss him and his fellow commies to the curb, describing it as a bitter defeat and imploring his audience to fight the Trump administration. That’s the legendary Democrat unity we’ve heard so little about.

Continuing to focus on the unimportant identity politics of division by race, gender, every subset known to divisive Democrats, Kerry said, “The State Department’s glass ceiling has been removed. Others have not, as we bitterly know. But, it’s up to us still to ensure that it doesn’t come back, because nothing is certain.”

Right Commie John, it would have been great to elect your corrupt co-conspirator just because she’s a female, the most meaningless of pretexts, so you could have raped America with Climate scams through the UN and who knows what all else. Now, you’re just another washed up crook who has lost his spot at the trough, hoping his successors don’t unearth enough evidence to charge him for his crimes.

Kerry blamed hostility for electing Mr. Trump, though not admitting that it was hostility over their authoritarian regality and abuse of power and attacks on our nation at the source. He attempted to divert the blame for Americans being out of work away from the open borders and abused visa and refugee systems that he is immersed in responsible, instead, as usual blaming someone or something else. This time, it’s our advancements, not the movement of facilities out of the country or the importation of foreign labor. It’s an idiotic argument because if technology, not labor, were the driving factor, there would be no reason to move. Technology has no nationality. It’s his regime’s trade deals that are killing the American middle class.

Kerry’s said, “Eighty-five percent of job loss in the United States is due to technology, not trade. So we’re running around hearing people battle a dragon called trade when, in fact, it’s not the fundamental problem.” Just like with the climate lie, this ass will say anything and do anything to advance their agenda.

Kerry recognized that the sweetheart deals that he and his fellow connected insiders were set to take advantage of have now been effectively killed. He understands that instead of our economic engine being dismantled into their coffers it’s going to be redirected to benefit the American people. Outraged by those realities, Kerry said, “You tell me how the economy of the United States is going to grow, if 95 percent of the world’s customers live in another country, but we’re going to start knee-jerkingly just closing off some of that because we’re blaming other people for things that people are unwilling to address more directly and more honestly.”

If he’s talking about not addressing things directly and honesty, take a look at that deformed creature in the mirror, Kerry. It’s a great place to start.

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Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/hillarys-loss-messed-up-john-kerrys-plan-to-rip-us-all-off/38739/



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