Holistic thinking is more valuable than IQ intelligence

(Natural News) It’s not widely known, but the fact is “holistic thinking” is much more valuable in life than an expanded IQ or learned intelligence, says Natural Newsfounder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in a recent podcast.

“Holistic thinking is far more important than raw IQ,” says Adams, who is also co-founder of TalkNetwork.com. “It turns out that many people who think they’re intelligent — including many doctors — are only really good at MEMORIZING things.”

He adds that memorization does not equate to “intelligence,” per se, and that supposedly learned individuals can be “stupid” in reality and “poor decision makers” to boot.
That said, “Memorization can be achieved a billion times faster (and with better accuracy) by machines. The rise of intelligent machines makes memorization in humans obsolete,” he notes.

In fact, given the trends in technology, Adams believes that a great many professions that require mostly memorization and little true academic or holistic knowledge are on their way to extinction because machines — robots — perform memorization tasks much more efficiently and quickly. They will even replace doctors and other healthcare providers in the future who, he says, merely treat patients based on what they memorized in medical school, matching symptoms and complaints to well-established treatment modalities and medications.

But what machines can’t do is engage in holistic thinking. That’s something only conscious beings can achieve (humans, elephants, dolphins, primates, etc.), he says.

“Holism is being able to connect the dots to abstract thoughts that are related in important ways,” said Adams, whose scientific achievements, patents, and inventions certainly bear that out. “Holistic thinking is not simply left-brain thinking or right-brain thinking.”

The Health Ranger goes on to note that he’s not trying to “attack” anyone who is “academically gifted.” Rather, he says that what can be more valuable in learning and understanding is the ability to think outside the box, and to be able to see and comprehend the big picture, even before it’s created.

He used the example of understanding history.

“Holistic thinking means…you might not be able to remember every name and place in history, but you understand trends of history. You understand the human movement throughout history,” he said, such as what caused or influenced shifts in civilizations and societies — not just that they occurred.

“There are layers of holistic thinking,” Adams added. “I think an intelligent person is someone who can sort of zoom in into the small, the microscopic, the holistic level of understanding, let’s say cells, or particle physics or, for that matter, quantum phenomena.”

But also, the Health Ranger said, persons who can “zoom out” and see the so-called big picture of things, ideas, and concepts.

Holistic thinking is necessary because it stresses the interconnectivity of our planet, our human existence, the interactivity of all forms of life and the various ecosystems, he notes.

Others share Adams’ views, such as Dr. Robert Kleinwaks, a chiropractor who completed post-graduate work detailing the impact of positive, holistic thinking on human well-being.

“I think the biggest problem that we run into is that we don’t listen to what we’re thinking. We don’t listen to our own innate response,” Natural News quoted him as saying. “My innate response was something else is wrong and, believe me, lots of people have the same response but instead of following that response they go to what they think is a ‘higher power’ – which is a doctor with a degree – when really the higher power is you. Your common sense, your innate intelligence telling you there’s something wrong here.”

Kleinwaks cured himself of stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma — a disease of which there is no “stage 5” — with a holistic approach to health.

Ref.: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-02-holistic-thinking-is-more-valuable-than-iq-intelligence-2.html


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