How The Biden Regime Is Using The Taylor Swift Op To Foment A Cultural Color Revolution To Undermine The 2024 Election

Published February 3, 2024

While it may seem outlandish at first blush, the Biden regime appears to be actively plotting yet another psyop – this time, by conscripting Taylor Swift and her legions of superfans to endorse Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, much as she did in 2020.

The hope is that in the event of another close election, Swift’s influence as a pop culture icon will be enough to tilt the scales in Biden’s favor should the race be another nail-biter.

The Democrats have long used celebrity endorsements and their vast Hollywood connections to give them a leg up over their Republican counterparts in political races for seemingly time immemorial.

But two major factors are in play that make the Taylor Swift psyop stand out: first, their opponent this year, Donald Trump, is an A-list celebrity in his own right, having first become a household name in the world of media and entertainment before entering the world of politics.

Thus, the need to counteract the inherent star power Donald Trump brings to the table as a presidential candidate is heightened by not just the 45th President’s own celebrity, but also Biden’s serious deficiencies in charisma or even seemingly being able to demonstrate a pulse half the time he is in public.


The second factor that makes the need for a Taylor Swift psyop all the more urgent is the regime’s failure to otherwise quell President Trump’s momentum through non-political measures, such as by defeating him in the courts through the weaponized justice system.

In addition, recent polls indicate that Trump’s lead is widening over Biden in the general election, and thus the regime will be expected to pull out all the stops between now and election day to prevent that prospect from happening.

In short, it is far too great a risk to allow the democratic process to play out organically because the odds of Biden winning a legitimate presidential election are looking more dire by the day.

Of course, the Left is not exactly known for playing by the rules – instead they make up rules on the fly, and change them when politically convenient to do so, in order to game the system to their advantage.



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The pop superstar has a huge following, but the data suggests her impact could go either way

Published February 3, 2024

Nine months from election day, Joe Biden’s re-election campaign must be getting increasingly exasperated. The US economy’s rebound from the pandemic is the envy of the world, but consumers remain gloomy. Job numbers are up and inflation is down, but the president has received scant credit. Attempts to take a firm line with Israel, meanwhile, have done nothing to stem heavy criticism from young voters.

It can come as no surprise that Donald Trump leads in the latest polls of all key battleground states. With age-old strategies thus far failing to deliver, and an increasing sense in some quarters that it may be “vibes” as much as policy that will swing the outcome this year, the campaign has set its sights on another way to win votes: an endorsement by global pop megastar Taylor Swift.

The case for courting Swift is obvious. A figure of enormous cultural significance who has endorsed Democratic candidates before, the 34-year-old is coming off the back of a tour so huge that it had a measurable impact on the US economy.

In recent months, her romance with one of the star players in next weekend’s Super Bowl has helped ensure that her presence is now felt in almost every corner of American culture. So, would Swift’s endorsement boost Biden? I’ll start with the optimistic case.

The artist’s carefully crafted all-American image has enormously broad appeal. According to data from a Morning Consult poll last year, her fan base may skew under-40 but it spans Democrats and Republicans, high and low earners, people of all ethnicities, and is concentrated in the suburbs where US elections are now won and lost.

The fact that Swift launched her career from the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, and started out in country music, has given her lasting popularity in red America. And in the US — which is unlike steeply age-polarised Britain — about 40 per cent of under-40s backed Trump in 2020, meaning there is a sizeable pool of persuadable Swifties for Democrats to pursue. But what does history tell us about what actually happens when celebrities endorse candidates in America?



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Conservative media storm erupts over deranged suggestion that pop superstar could be a Democratic ploy to brainwash voters into turning away from Donald Trump, writes Joe Sommerlad

Published February 2, 2024

he parallel universes of American politics and celebrity collided in the most bizarre way possible this week after a fringe conspiracy theory questioning pop superstar Taylor Swift’s latest relationship was picked up by hot-headed conservative media pundits fretting over her potential to swing the outcome of November’s presidential election in Joe Biden’s favour.

Ms Swift, perhaps the most famous person in the world right now and a Biden booster in 2020, is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and has been regularly spotted in the stands at his games, joining his family in cheering him on and dancing joyously with the crowd, notably during the Chiefs’ recent win over the Baltimore Ravens, which sent them to the Super Bowl.

The star, known for her autobiographical songwriting, appears happy in her personal life, at the peak of her powers professionally and is now as ubiquitous a presence in coverage of the NFL as she is on social media.

But with the Chiefs set to play the San Francisco 49ers in the biggest fixture in the American sports calendar on Sunday 11 February, some rights-wing pundits insist they smell a rat.




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