British FM Cameron: Netanyahu hasn’t ‘comprehensively’ ruled out two-state solution

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with British Foreign Minister David Cameron in Jerusalem, January 24, 2024. (Kobi Gideon/GPO)
Published February 3, 2024

UK’s top diplomat says he told PM to ‘start talking about the things that a Palestinian state could be rather than the things it can’t be’

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “not ruled out comprehensively a two-state solution,” after meeting the premier during his visit to Israel in late January.

The Israel-Hamas war has put renewed focus on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is still seen by many countries — including the United States — as the path to peace even though the negotiating process has been moribund for years.

Cameron was in Israel to discuss details of a potential deal to free hostages held by Hamas. He also stressed the need to move toward a sustainable ceasefire in meetings with Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

“My message to him was start talking about the things that a Palestinian state could be rather than the things it can’t be. So that’s what we should be working towards,” he told Lebanese broadcaster LBCI.

In recent weeks, Netanyahu has drawn global condemnation — and defied the US, its closest ally — by ostensibly rejecting calls for a Palestinian state.



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Under the cover of war, Israel’s far right and ultra-Orthodox leaders are looking to turn Israel from a liberal, largely secular democracy into something more religious, nationalist and intolerant.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s unwillingness to tolerate any competition inside his Likud party has alienated him from the political establishment | Amir Levy/Getty Images
Published February 2, 2024


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Published February 1, 2024

New polls show that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is increasingly unpopular, and a majority of Israelis surveyed say he must step down once the war ends. Linda Gradstein reports for VOA from Jerusalem. Camera: Ricki Rosen





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