Image: Orbán’s ‘barbed wire’ policy was VICTORY in ‘fight for soul of Europe’ – and Merkel DEFEAT

After most of the votes had been counted, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared victory for his rightwing coalition in the Hungarian election, securing him a third consecutive term in office (fourth in total). The figures so far suggest that he has won more than two-thirds of the seats giving him a Super Majority.

Hungary is unusual in that almost all voters are rightwing. Orbán’s greatest competitor is the far-right party Jobbik, which is projected to secure 13% of the seats in parliament.

In the E.U. he has gained infamy by controversial statements such as “Europe is being invaded by migrants.” Before the election, he stated that “migration is like rust that will slowly but surely consume Hungary.”

His message is immensely popular among Hungarians, many of whom turned up to vote in traditional national outfits. The message is clear: Hungary wants to remain Hungarian.


This sentiment is strong across Eastern Europe. One might speculate that E.U. leaders regret letting these countries into their union, because they are coalescing into what appears to be a formidable political block that is opposed to the globalist agenda of the elite.

Hungary is part of the Visegrád group consisting of Czech, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. It was believed that this coalition would weaken when the countries entered the EU, but after German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the floodgates to the migrants, the cooperation has strengthened.


One significant uncertainty before the election was the role of Hungarian-born George Soros, who is working for open borders everywhere. Many Hungarians view him as a traitor, because he funds political groups that they claim will undermine the integrity of their country.

Being Jewish, Soros claims that Orbán is riling up anti-Semitism, but none other than Israel’s foreign ministry last year issued a statement denouncing Soros’ meddling in Hungarian politics. According to Israel, Soros “continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments.”

From a Western perspective, Orbán is far from an ideal leader with some political practices that some say border on the criminal. However, in Hungary, the most important consideration to most is to secure their borders and the sovereignty of the nation, and so the voters flock to his party in droves.

Orban arrested by Communist police in 1987


It is only a few decades ago since Hungary – and Eastern Europe in general – escaped the claws of the communists. They know what dictatorship looks like and they don’t want to go down that road again.

People in the West have been free over such a long period that they have grown lazy and blind. They have been subjected to radical leftist propaganda for so long that they don’t see the dangers that they pose to the foundations of Western civilization.

Paradoxically it is in the East, behind the iron curtain that people were most protected from the Marxist indoctrination. There everyone knew the truth, and the authorities knew that their only way of maintaining control was raw, naked power. In the West, Marxists were free to indoctrinate slowly and insidiously through the media and the universities. In Hungary, voters see this very clearly, and that is why they have rewarded Orbán with a third term.


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