If it ain’t logic, it’s not science either! + Video: Cold .. Is The New Hot

Image: Health Experts Warn of Rising ‘Eco-Anxiety’ Among Children

Related: Claim: Global warming accelerates the water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences – It’s rather impressing that made up (as in FAKE!) warming can accelerate the water cycle ….

That is only another FAKE story in the ongoing narrative of doom and gloom because they need an excuse for World Governement, you know an international (FAKE) problem that no country alone can solve, only the New World Order


But here’s the problem – Imagine there really was a global problem we actually could solve, who in their right mind would put low IQ., evil, corrupt and incompetent communists in charge of finding a solution???

We’re really lucky the (Man Made) Global Warming nonsense (now called Climate Change due to, strangely enough … lack of warming!) is FAKE – if it was real we would all be doomed giving the level of corruption and leftist incompetence we now can see around the world …

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted a warm start to the year in the US. The exact opposite occurred. So government climate scientists did what they almost always do – they altered the data

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up: Iceland Is Not Cooperating With The ‘Global Warming’ Agenda


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