If You Need Evidence Leftists Are STUPID!: Why Would Democrats Bail Out Right-Wing Rioters and Criminals? – But Hey, There’s Even More ..

Image: Cher: ‘Trump Is a Mass Murderer’ … ‘The Punishment Is Death’

Related: Michael Moore Compares Trump to Osama Bin Laden: ‘He Is a Mass Killer’

‘A star is born!’ Trump retweets young, black American giving Dem Party the business

Video: SamanthaMarika1


Full story ..

Bill Maher rips media for defending riots, warns Biden will wear looting ‘on his back into the election’

Prof: ‘Nothing wrong with’ murder of Portland Trump supporter from a ‘moral perspective’

Timing of Joe Biden’s remarks slamming Trump as a danger to Israel couldn’t have been worse

Bernstein: Trump’s ‘Felony’ Neglect Resulted in ‘Tens of Thousands of Deaths’


What more evidence do we need?


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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