IN PICTURES: Israel’s magical winter wonderland is breathtaking


A winter storm brings with it frost-covered trees, blocked-off roads and kids at play.

This week’s winter in Israel wasn’t comparable to most of the weather usually seen in the Middle East. Thunderstorms, flooded streets and freezing temperatures reached their peak Friday morning, when snow began to fall in the Golan Heights, Safed, and the surrounding areas.

In the Golan Heights, children frolic in the snowfall, catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Snow blankets the buds and branches of a tree in the Golan Heights.

Eldad Hari, the CEO of Tuff Merom Golan, says that farmers in the area are happy about the chilly weather and the snow, which they say will benefit their cherries, apples and pears, as well as vineyards that thrive in colder temperatures.

The Hasbani river, the main tributary to the Jordan, is nearly overflowing.

However, not everything about this winter wonderland has been quite so jolly. United Hatzalah reported that since Thursday night they’ve given emergency care to 79 individuals as a result of the frosty weather.



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