Israel-Hamas war: Israeli special forces enter Gaza’s besieged Nasser Hospital

The country’s military said it had information that hostages’ bodies may be in the facility, which is the main hospital serving the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.
Published February 16, 2024
  • Israeli special forces have entered the main hospital in southern Gaza, raiding a site where thousands of Palestinians had sought shelter. The Israeli military said that the operation was based on “credible intelligence” that Hamas held captives taken in the Oct. 7 attacks at the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis and that bodies of Israeli hostages may be at the site. Gaza’s Health Ministry confirmed the site had been stormed after the Israel Defense Forces forced the evacuation of civilians.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed last night to push forward with his planned invasion of Rafah, saying his army will undertake “powerful action” once civilians have been allowed to flee Gaza’s southernmost city. His comments came amid mounting international concern about the offensive. A trio of key U.S. allies today warned against a “catastrophic” assault.
  • Elsewhere, on a visit to the country’s north, Israel’s military chief said yesterday that his forces will be “ready for war” and “push back all the capabilities” the Hezbollah militant group has across the country’s border with Lebanon. His comments came after IDF strikes killed at least 12 people in Lebanon after a deadly rocket attack inside Israel.


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Published February 16, 2024

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli forces stormed the main hospital in southern Gaza on Thursday, hours after Israeli fire killed a patient and wounded six others inside the complex. The Israeli army said it was seeking the remains of hostages taken by Hamas.

The raid on Nasser Hospital came after troops had besieged the facility for nearly a week, with hundreds of staff, patients and others inside struggling under heavy fire and dwindling supplies, including food and water. A day earlier, the army ordered thousands of displaced people who had taken shelter there to leave the hospital in the city of Khan Younis, the focus of Israel’s offensive against Hamas in recent weeks.

The war shows no sign of ending, and the risk of a broader conflict grew as Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group stepped up attacks after a particularly deadly exchange on Wednesday.



RELATED: Israeli forces storm the main hospital in southern Gaza, saying hostages were likely held there

Published February 15, 2024



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