“It Is Not A Good Sign”

Image: Western Australia Logs Fifth Snowfall of the Year (Second-Highest on Record), A Foot of Spring Snow Hits New Zealand, Record Cold Sweeps Seattle, + Half of Kashmir is Currently ‘White’

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Over 33 years after the (Man Made) Global Warming (what they now call “climate change” due to lack of … warming) nonsense was launched by NASA’s J. E. Hansen, the IPCC is still searching for this elusive magic and alarmingly think they are spotting it everywhere.
If you don’t have a clear picture of what you are looking for, a clear definition, you tend to get confused, mistakes are bound to happen.

Like when they thought they finally had spottet it in the North West this summer and it turned out to be quite natural, not caused by plant food at all and, on top of that, it has happened many times before (even long, long before I got my old SAAB!).

Yeah I know, it’s just some of the excuses they use to take more of our money, freedom and power!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
Lake Tahoe water levels have dropped back to the natural rim, after being unusually high for several years. Twitter wants people to believe that normal water levels are a crisis caused by burning fossil fuels

Democrat data-guru: After 30 years of climate alarmism, climate polls the worst of all issues – only weird, very liberal (as in stupid) white people regard “climate change” as important:


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