Italy’s New Interior Minister Just Told Migrants to ‘Pack Their Bags’

The Trump effect can be felt all over the world.

After decades of failed globalism has eroded and ruined countries, like Italy, and the United State, patriotic citizens who want to preserve their countries and their culture are rising up.

Nowhere is that sentiment more prevalent than in Italy, where the new Interior Minister just told migrants that the “free ride was over” and to “pack their bags.”

From Daily Mail

Migrants living in Italy have been advised to start packing as the country’s new populist leaders repeated promises to boot them out of the country.

At a rally in northern Italy, new Interior Minister and League leader, Matteo Salvini, warned: ‘The good times for illegals are over – get ready to pack your bags.’

Salvini’s appointment was described as a ‘dream’ by one supporter, while another said on the politician’s Facebook page that the new political lineup ‘breathe a different air’.

‘Around there is a festive air, you can see [it] in the looks of Italians who have confidence in this government. This is a government with the right people in the right places.’

Earlier today, Salvini joined Premier Giuseppe Conte and the rest of the newly sworn-in Cabinet to view the Republic Day parade in Rome.

Italy’s aeronautic acrobatic squad flew low and loud over downtown Rome trailing smoke in the red, white and green of the Italian flag.

The national pride on display is a feature of every Republic Day, but it took on a particular significance this year after Italy on Friday ended three months of political and financial turmoil and swore in a government whose populist and eurosceptic leanings have alarmed Europe.

Italy’s new populist leaders commemorated the founding of the Italian republic by attending the pomp-filled military parade – and then promised to get to work creating jobs and expelling migrants.

The pledge of mass deportations to come was a reminder that Italy has a staunchly anti-immigrant, right-wing party in its governing coalition, and that the European Union will face a whole new partner governing its fourth-largest economy.

Conte, a law professor plucked from relative obscurity to head an unlikely governing alliance of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and League, said the celebrations transcended all the tensions of recent days.

‘It’s the celebration for all of us, of our republic,’ he said.

Conte’s Cabinet was sworn in after a last-minute deal averted the threat of a new election that could have turned into a referendum on whether Italy stayed with the shared European euro currency.

The political stability relieved financial markets on Friday, but Italy’s European neighbours continued to express concerns about the eurosceptic bent and the heavy spending agenda of Italy’s new government.

Italy is destroying itself – and dragging down Europe with it,’ read the headline of Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, the cover of which featured a forkful of spaghetti with one dangling strand tied up as a noose.

While the magazine is known for such provocations, another Spiegel article last week drew an official protest from Italy’s ambassador to Germany.

On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel phoned Conte and invited him to visit soon. Merkel’s office said both leaders emphasised the importance of continued close bilateral cooperation.



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