Jake Tapper Admits the Fake News by BuzzFeed Destroyed CNN’s Credibility

It’s nice when the fakes has been so (typical leftis) bad even they realize their ship is sinking ..

From TruthFeed

The poster boy for CNN finally has admitted defeat and has said that the false story that they ran by BuzzFeed has destroyed their credibility. (not that CNN had any credibility to begin with)

No matter how many haters we accumulate, the Trump Train  just can’t stop winning!

From AdWeek.com:

At this wide-ranging news conference this morning, Donald Trump predictably took aim at some media outlets, calling BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage” and refusing to take a question from CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta calling CNN “fake news.”

Coming out of the news conference, in a conversation with Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s Jake Tapper said that what BuzzFeed published last night, “hurts us all and the media.”

Tapper: What I suspect we are seeing here is an attempt to discredit legitimate, responsible attempts to report on this incoming administration with irresponsible journalism that hurts us all and the media going forward should keep that in mind.

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/breaking-jake-tapper-admits-the-fake-news-story-by-buzzfeed-destroyed-cnns-credibility/46299/



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