Leading Activist Resigns, Blasts FFF: “Science Largely Manipulation, Fraud.”…”Feel Like I’m Leaving A Cult”

German left-wing activist, former FFF participant Tom Radke quits movement after experiencing its inner working. Image cropped from Tom Radke.de.

Hardcore German left-wing activist Tom Radke – citing selfish leaders, fraudulent science, psychological manipulation and a cult-like atmosphere within the German Greens – has had enough of the Fridays For Future (FFF) Germany movement and has announced his resignation.

In a statement published at his site, Tom Radke wrote he wishes “to concentrate on left-wing patriotic politics: environmental protection, a strong welfare state and peace” instead of “Green voters and ‘green’ corporations”.

FFF not about the environment

Radke writes how he “found out through very negative practical experiences with Fridays for Future that many people never cared about environmental protection” and that he “misjudged the other ‘climate activists”.

He wrote: “Of all activists at FFF Hamburg, only a few were really interested in preserving our environment, clean air and healthy food.”

Radke blasts the FFF leader “Longhaul Luisa” Neubauer who he believes was “obviously in it for a career” and “her luxury life” while she called on others to save money.

Greta “taken advantage of”

Radke also had the impression that FFF movement leader Greta Thunberg was “being taken advantage of by her family but that she was “personally a nice person”.

Climate science “largely manipulation and fraud”

He recognized “the nonsensical and anti-people content of the climate movement” and that the movement’s “climate science is largely manipulation and fraud”.

Movement based on “pure emotions and blind faith”

Radke also explains how he came to realize that the FFF activists in fact had very little knowledge about climate science itself and that “their fanaticism is largely based on pure emotions and blind faith” and “also based on fear-mongering”.

“The young people are told that they, their families and everyone they love will die if we don’t act immediately.”

“Leaving the cult”

Radke accuses the German Green Party Using “a lot of psychological pressure” to coerce donations from followers despite the fact that “there are major donors in the background, who are completely unknown to the ordinary members.”

Radke also writes that the FFF movement “has nothing to to do with real environmental protection” and that “the CO2-tax serves to squeeze even more out of ordinary people.

He summarizes his departure as follows: “I feel a little like a person who is leaving the cult. It is a liberating feeling. Through my experience I will try to help other students to leave FFF and the climate religion.”

Ref.: https://notrickszone.com/2020/03/11/leading-activist-resigns-blasts-fff-science-largely-manipulation-fraud-feel-like-im-leaving-a-cult/

Clashing Climate Kiddies: Internal Strife Erupts, FFF Organizers Bicker Over Who Gets Spotlight

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer at the center of infighting between FFF organizers. ImageAndol – own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

One highly visible person often seen at Greta Thunberg’s side at public Fridays For Future appearances is German 23-year old climate activist Luisa Neubauer of Hamburg.

The Green Party member was a driving force behind the launch of the Fridays For Future movement in Germany and Europe. However, it appears other FFF organizers have had enough of Neubauer constantly hogging the spotlight amid signs of growing discord and infighting among FFF organizers.

MOPO.de here reports how Neubauer has been “disqualified as permanent speaker” by FFF organizers and “will also not speak at the controversial citizens’ meeting in Berlin in June.”

Moreover, according to MOPO: “Neubauer already was replaced” by 17-year-old schoolgirl Helena Marshall at the Siemens Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on February 5.

Jet-setting Greenie “Longhaul Luisa”

The problem, MOPO writes, is that “Neubauer is too much in the public eye” and that she may not be “suitable as a representative” because it was reported how she had flown often. Neubauer was recently dubbed “Longhaul Luisa” after having posted images of herself on foreign trips in social media.

Over the last years, climate activist Luisa made it around the world by plane several times, via Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, England, Scotland, France, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc.

Once in a talk show, Luisa was asked what she personally would do to protect the climate. She answered: “Fly as little as possible”.

Open discord between Greta and Luisa

Evidence of open discord among the FFF movement organizers also surfaced in a video showing Greta Thunberg expressing her displeasure at comments made by Neubauer during the World Economic Forum earlier this year.

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