By Faye Higbee

A billboard on I65 at the Austin, Indiana exit proclaims that the GOP are Communists…(when most of us who know what a Communist really is know that the Democrats fit that bill better).

Helen Kemp was driving to a Doctor’s appointment when she saw the sign and turned around to get a better view of it.

“I turned around so I could get a pic of it. Late to my dr appt but it was so worth it!! Same group putting up the NRA is a terrorist organization billboards. I thought I imagined it. Or it said something else. But sh** no!! I pulled onto the emergency lane to get a good shot of it. It’s about an hour North of Louisville KY. Straight up I65N. You pass the Austin, Indiana exit and right past it, is that damn billboard!!” Helen Kemp

Helen took a great picture of the billboard, which was put up by the left wing “Mad Dog Pac,” the same group that is putting up “The NRA is a terrorist organization” signs around the country. That’s not the only billboard they are putting up. They are a veritable leftist propaganda department all by themselves.

Example: a billboard in California says “I think there’s two people Putin pays, Rohrabacher and Trump.”  Republican Dana Rohrabacher has represented California’s 48th District since 1988. Previously he was a member of Ronald Reagan’s team as a speechwriter and special assistant, according to his bio. I guess because his consitutents like him, it was time for leftists to do a hit.

Another sign they made for Texas uses a quote from George W Bush, who said “I just don’t like the guy.” Then a banner across it that claims: “Nobody likes Ted Cruz.”

Many of their billboards simply say “End the NRA!” or “Ban assault weapons.”

But the GOP sign is quite creative. It even gets the Communist logo correct. The party it mentions is wrong, of course. Democrats are more Communist than anything we’ve seen in decades. Especially after 8 years of Barack Obama, who grew up in Communism, had a Communist advisor( Valerie Jarrett), a Communist Mentor (Frank Marshall Davis), and was lifted to prominence by the Communist Party. Check out those links, they are enlightening.

Ref.: https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/leftist-billboard-in-indiana-accuses-gop-of-being-communists/


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