Liberal MSNBC Reporter Katy Tur Admits Trump Supporters Are Far More Enthusiastic

It’s hard to be excited about tired, ill health, lies, corruption, cover ups, smear and shallow, Democrats stupidity! 
Blind children might confuse that with fun and be a bit excited, – for a little while.

Not even the paid “actors” gets excited .. Go figure!

The story:

On Sunday’s episode of ‘Meet The Press,’ NBC’s reporter covering the Trump campaign, Katy Tur, discusses the enthusiasm gap between Trump voters and Clinton voters in 2016.

KATY TUR, NBC: We would see Trump voters wait in negative-five degree snowy temperatures for hours on end, six hours, to go see Trump at a rally. My question is, are they going to wait on long lines to vote for Trump? Yeah, I think so. Are Hillary Clinton voters going to take a day off work and wait in lines to vote? That is the big question. The excitement level is a little bit different on the Trump side, because they are so enthusiastic about him.

Story from: TRUTHFEED (Video doesn’t work as of Monday morning, search youtube)


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