Liberal Propaganda CNN is Clearly Upset Trump is Not Getting His News from Them

This exchange is quite comical. CNN, the kings of blatant Democratic party shilling liberal propaganda criticize Trump for getting his news from conservative news sources instead of what they consider “reputable” sources like themselves and the New York Times.

This just shows how incredibly delusional these CNN pundits are. They are totally unaware that the vast majority of republicans consider them a complete joke of a network and still think of themselves as the gold standard of truth.  WRONG.

From MRC

The roundtable began with Cuomo asking Stelter about where Trump gets his information. “That’s the real story here,” Cuomo began. “The origin story,” Stelter added, before blaming radio host Mark Levin for “kickstarting” this wire-tapping story:

STELTER: This is a story line popular in conservative media circles, about Obama undermining Trump. Mark Levin on his radio show on Thursday really kick started this, suggesting there’s a silent coup underway, cherry picking news stories to make his point. Then Rush Limbaugh picked it up on Friday. Breitbart picked it up on Friday. That Breitbart article circulated in the West Wing and according to our own Jeff Zeleny, it infuriated President Trump.

Host Alisyn Camerota went further, inviting analyst Bill Carter to slam Trump for not using “reputable, award-winning” sources for getting his information:

ALISYN CAMEROTA: But look at the sources Bill, where he gets his information. We have a graphic. Info Wars. They peddled the pizzagate dangerous conspiracy theory. Newsmax. Heat Street, the genesis for this one. These are not reputable, award-winning solid sources.

Carter, a former entertainment writer for the New York Times, jumped into attack right wing sites as “propaganda” and “not legitimate” sources of information.

If you will remember back in November, a New Day panel peddled Newsbusters as a “fake news” website:

BILL CARTER: It’s more than that. They’re propaganda sources. They’re not legitimate news sources or information sources, they have partisan points of view. They are propaganda. He is listening to propaganda and making a decision that is really reprehensible and reckless to take on the former president based on this kind of information. And he could, as you pointed out, he could find the truth and he didn’t bother with that. He went only with this point of view.



As President, President Trump has access to the world’s most sophisticated intelligence information gathering systems and CNN think he gets his information from “right-wing sites”!??

Does CNN think their viewers are stupid? Both of their viewers?

Personally i think CNN unintentionally (because they are stupid, duh!) revealed how, well – HOW FUCKING STUPID THEY ARE!!

Here’s another way at looking at it, if the “right-wing sites” is already reporting what the intelligence community is telling President Trump, what does that tell us about the so called “right-wing sites”?

Yes, they are sticking to the facts, the truth .. CNN., the word “truth” .. Never mind, use Google, morons!



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