ALL OF A SUDDEN: Pelosi Wants To See What’s In The ObamaCare Repeal Bill! Hypocrisy at it’s FINEST!

We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” Pelosi is now complaining that we have not yet seen what the Republicans are doing to repeal and replace ObamaCare!

She said on her Facebook, “It’s a secret: House Republicans *really* don’t want you to see their new Obamacare repeal bill.”

Hypocrisy at its finest from the biggest dork in politics!

What a fool! Pelosi has jumped the shark!

ObamaCare was passed by deception. We were told a lot of lies that no one discovered until after the bill was passed.

We were told premiums would drop and that if you liked your doctor you could keep him.

The former disgraced Speaker Pelosi said at the time:

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”

Now Pelosi has the audacity to complain that this yet unfinished ObamaCare Repeal and Replace bill is being finished behind closed doors.

Guess what you moron…I guarantee we will see this one before it is passed! Patience child!

The left is acting on anger and that never works out well.

They made fools of themselves at President Trump’s Joint Session of Congress address. The morons refused to stand, even when they agreed. They even refused to stand to respect the wife of a fallen hero.

Pelosi sat like a petulant child, making rude faces. How immature is that from someone’s grandma?

Keep it up Antsy Nancy. You are contributing to the steady decline of the Democrat party. You have lost a YUUUUGE number of seats, local, state, and national over the last 8 years.

As you continue to act like a fool, the American people will continue to remember exactly why they don’t want you in control.

The people have spoken. They decided in force that the direction you took the country was wrong. You are upset because it has set you back 2 decades. Oh well! Life is tough Grandma Pelosi!




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