Lou Dobbs – CORRUPT CLINTONS : Bribery, Treason, and Racketeering with Mainstream Media Complicit

Lou Dobbs offered a few thoughts on the “overwhelming evidence, the weight of that evidence against the Clintons. Their collusion with the Obama State Department, the Obama “Justice” Department, the politicized FBI, the White House itself and the swirling corruption that put huge sums of money in the hands of the Clintons.”

He continues, “The Podesta emails from WikiLeaks reveals significant pay-to-play, outright bribery, at the Clinton Foundation, throughout the Clinton Cartel.” He cites a twelve page memo from Doug Band as an example. Band is the founding partner and president of Teneo, a “global consulting firm” that is a revenue-generating arm of Clinton, Inc, through speeches and interaction with the Clinton Foundation syndicate. Teneo is the company that Huma Abedin was given special permission to work for while working at the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

Dobbs notes that Band “was pushing Clinton Foundation donors to move their money over to Bill Clinton, to hire him for outrageous sums of money for speeches, for consulting, for whatever. Particularly insidious because of Hillary’s role as Secretary of State in the midst of most of those transgressions and conflicts.”

He points to an email that was released last week that gave an overview of just how corrupt the interactions at the Clinton Foundation and related entities are. It was from Doug Band and stated that there were more than 500 incidences of highly paid conflicts of interest involving Bill Clinton. Dobbs also questions the $12 million dollar deal that was to have had Hillary Clinton attend a meeting at the behest of the Moroccan government. Dobbs wonders what could possibly have been a topic of such a pricey agenda.

He reminds us that there is plenty more corruption surrounding the Clintons, that more than half of the meetings she took with people outside of the Obama regime while she was Secretary of State were granted to Clinton Foundation donors. At least 16 foreign governments were included in those donors, with revenues up to $170 million dollars.

He also touches on the corrupt Uranium One deal in which Clinton peddled at least 20% of America’s uranium reserves to the Russians in exchange for a minimum of $160 million dollars to their corrupt foundation.

Although it’s particularly offensive and obviously criminal, the media has, for some reason, chosen to ignore it. Maybe they think Clinton’s treason with the Russians in support of their nuclear program would look bad right before the election. As we all know, the last thing they would want to do would be to impede her conquest of power.

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