VIDEO : Clinton Foundation PAY TO PLAY SCAM EXPOSED and is BLOWING UP all Over the Mainstream Media

Could this be the bombshell that finally brings the Clintons down?

Many will say, “NOOOO,” those crooked bastards get away with everything.

However, this time it might be different.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we’ve learned about the “Personal Enrichment” scam (pay to play) that was at the heart of the scandalous Clinton Foundation.

Here’s the background story in a nutshell:

Former Obama aide and Clinton Foundation exec, Doug Band, wrote, what he thought was a private memo, detailing the foundation’s money-making/pay to play scheme, where large companies and foreign entities who donated to the Clinton Foundation, were ENCOURAGED to also DONATE to the “personal enrichment” of the former president, Bill Clinton.


So basically, companies and foreign entities were FUNDING The Clinton’s personal life – all while Hillary was working at the State Department.

I can’t stress enough how unethical, immoral, and illegal this is – and because of Wikileaks – we now have the actual BLUEPRINT plan of how they did all of this.

Literally, the blueprint.

Many in the media, who are forced to report this (MSNBC did a YUGE story on it yesterday) say this scandal is far beyond the scope of  Watergate.

It’s that bad.

Chris Wallace of Fox News breaks down the details.

Source: TruthFeed



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