Major Announcement about TRUMP!

As first reported by Alex Swoyer on, conservative hero Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who chairs the Benghazi Committee, just made a giant announcement about Donald Trump. And liberals hate it!

Donald Trump, who has been speaking boldly against Obama’s amnesty agenda, has been under fire for his tough comments about illegal aliens. At a recent event with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Gowdy was asked to share his opinion on Trump.

Instead of being “politically correct,” Gowdy noted that Trump is 100% correct about crimes committed by illegal aliens… and it’s time for all candidates to step up to defend America’s sovereignty!

“I wouldn’t just limit it to what one presidential candidate said,” Gowdy explained. He went on to say:

I don’t know if you saw what happened to San Francisco over the weekend, but someone who has been evicted from the country multiple times came back in and killed a totally innocent person who was simply walking… so anyone who thinks that the border is not porous, anyone who thinks the internal security is adequate, anyone frankly who wants to advocate for sanctuary cities – I get that that has a benign sounding name to it – but the sanctuary… should be for [the] law abiding, not the folks who aren’t following the law.

Huckabee echoed Gowdy’s comments and spoke tough on the issue of immigration, vowing to secure the border within the first year of his term if he is elected president in 2016.

via Breitbart

Thank you Trey Gowdy for speaking out against Obama’s amnesty agenda! Obama – for political reasons – has kept our Southern border open to illegals, and he must be stopped!

Trump is in a position to speak his mind, and it’s important for conservatives to back him up on the most important issue facing America today.

Source: The Political Insider


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