Milo Shuts Down Protester: ‘Fuck Your Feelings’

A triggered lady interrupted Milo’s speech at the University of Houston on Monday, standing in front of the stage and shouting before Milo responded with, “Madam, I’m grateful to you for coming, but to be quite honest with you, fuck your feelings” while pointing at the exit.

Milo’s response caused the audience to cheer as the older-than-usual protestor cussed at both Milo and those watching as she refused to leave with security.

“Off you go. Off you go,” Milo continued. “I’m sorry, darling, this isn’t the silver-haired snowflake show, this is the Milo show. It’s time for you to go.”

As the protester continued to refuse to leave, Milo added, “you can be triggered at any age,” and the lady finally agreed to leave as a police officer joined security guards in escorting her out, while the audience made chants of “USA!”

The lady started to protest Milo’s speech as soon as he made a statement about the left failing to take a joke.

You can watch the full show here.

Source: Breitbart 

What does free speech means?


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