Mayor Catherine Pugh Meets With Personal Lawyer Friday Following FBI, IRS Raids

Image: Baltimore’s mayor urged to resign after FBI and IRS raids

By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mayor Catherine Pugh has yet to be seen in public and made no comment one day after federal agents raided her two homes and her offices at Baltimore City Hall, but her lawyer promised an update next week.

Her personal attorney, Steve Silverman, said Friday that a decision won’t come until at least next Tuesday.

“We are just trying to get to a level of physical and mental stability so she can make material decisions about what she wants to do next,“ Silverman said. “I know what she wants to do is in the best interest of Baltimore City.”

Silverman said Mayor Pugh, “is not able to think clearly and not physically up to the task to make major decisions such as this. I know where her heart is. She’s a soulful person. She cares deeply about the city despite what some people think. Right now, she truly is ill.“

Mayor Pugh has not been seen outside of her northwest Baltimore home in weeks but was reportedly inside Thursday morning when FBI and IRS agents raided the residence.


Other searches were also conducted at Mayor Pugh’s second home, City Hall and other offices that she has been in.

So far no criminal charges have been filed in the month-long controversy surrounding the mayor’s book deal with UMMS.

Baltimore’s Political leaders have called on Mayor Pugh to resign.

“This is an embarrassment to the city,” Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said. “The City of Baltimore needs to move on from this issue, the issues all around the mayor. The mayor should resign immediately.”


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