Media focusing on heat while ignoring cold and snow

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Snowing and freezing in July, but the media ignores it. And notice the cold wave set to sweep into the central U.S. on August 1st.

24 Jul 2018 – Zero degrees in Resolute Bay. Minus one degree in Sachs Harbor.

Normal or below normal temperatures in all – ALL – of Greenland.


Bolivia – Heavy snowfall kills 18,000 animals

Foto: gentileza.

“Four, five days without eating, nobody can stand.”
– Absalón Conurana, mayor of the municipality of Catacora

24 July 2018 – In the province of José Manuel Pando, in the department of La Paz, the situation is critical. Authorities reported that the snowfall from Friday to Sunday generated the loss of thousands of head of cattle, and asked for help with forage.

Snowfall in the municipality of Catacora reached 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches), said mayor Absalón Conurana.

He pointed out that there are around 70 thousand head of cattle (80% alpaca and 20% of llamas) in his territory, of which 20% were lost, that is to say, that some 18 thousand animals died.

In Santiago de Machaca, mayor Lizardo Condori said snowfall reached 60 cm (2 ft) and that the animals died from the cold or because they could not rise directly with the weight of the snow.

He noted that until Tuesday 500 head of cattle had been reported killed, but that number may increase.

The mayors agreed that even though the snowfall ended, the situation is still critical because the snow became ice, which prevents the animals from feeding.

Mayor Conurana affirmed that the ice will melt in about two weeks, but meanwhile 100% of the livestock is in danger without food. “Four, five days without eating, nobody can stand,” he said.


State of emergency in Peru

EMERGENCIA. 32 distritos de la región Puno continúan cubiertos por la nevada. Créditos: La República.

Minus 10 C and 42 cm of snow.

24 July 2018 – State of Emergency in 32 districts. Snowfall forces suspension of work in the most affected areas of Puno.

Schools closed due to the intense snowfall in Puno. In Cusco, camelid mortality is evaluated.

In Puno, the snowfall that fell from Friday to Sunday froze the grasslands and the alpaca pups have no food.

In some areas, snowfall reached 42 cm (17 inches)  in height and continues falling. In addition, the temperature dropped to 10 degrees below zero.

The hardest hit sectors are the Macusani district in the province of Carabaya and high areas of the Ilave district; in addition to the provinces of El Collao, Putina, Azángaro, Lampa and Melgar, along with high areas of Chucuito.

Police officers from Calacoa and Carumas rescued seven people who were trapped inside a truck in the middle of the snowfall in the Laguna del Toro sector in Moqueuga, for almost six hours.



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