‘Merkel has lost contact with real world,’ German politician who left her party tells RT

A politician who just days ago left German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party over her refugee policies told RT that she was acting counter to people’s interests and had lost contact with the real world.

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Maximilian Krah made headlines in German media on September 19 after leaving the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) led by Chancellor Merkel, citing her failures in the refugee crisis as a key reason.

Krah, who was a CDU member for 10 years, even launched a calling on other fellow members to turn their backs on the party.

Speaking to RT, he said that while handling the refugee influx, Merkel had neglected people’s concerns and interests.

“People are upset with the policy that is not looking to the population, to the interests of the people in the country,” Krah said. He stressed that instead Merkel had focused on some” opinions while “having lost contact with real world-problems.”

Krah stated that it should have been clear to the German government and Merkel herself that the so-called “open door” policy was a step in the wrong direction.

“You can’t have an open door policy when you have a good social security system.”

“It’s simply a crazy policy and it’s dangerous,” he went on to say.

The ex-CDU politician noted that it was obvious to him that although Merkel’s refugee policies were not able to solve the issue, there could be no change while she remains the country’s leader.

“I had to accept that there will be no change under this chancellor, she stuck to her wrong plan,” Krah said.

In recent polls, the CDU has suffered major setbacks, which are believed to have been caused by the refugee policies of the chancellor.

The worst blow for Merkel came on September 4 during the local polls in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The anti-immigrant Alliance for Germany (AfD) placed second, beating the CDU into third place.

The AfD made a breakthrough in the Berlin elections last Sunday as well, while the CDU put in one of its worst results, placing third, though ahead of the AfD.

Following the results, Merkel said she was “taking responsibility” for the outcome and admitted her government was“unprepared” for the refugee influx, which partly “went out of control.”



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