Met Office Try To Hide Forecast Fail – Who would alter (counterfeit) important data if the measurements really did show a problem?

Image: UK weather forecast: Met Office SEVERE warnings in place – gusts of 70mph to batter UK

This story is bad enough in and on itself, but i will focus on the temperature adjustments (counterfeited data):

Remember the El Niño of 2016 and how the warmists (“green” Rent & Grant seeking activists and criminals) celebrated that temperature was as warm or almost as warm as 1998 (40% confidence interval).

As we can see in the graphs in this article, temperature has been adjusted upward over 0,3 C. after 1998

By Paul Homewood – Not A Lot Of People Knows That

Paul Matthews uncovers the Met Office’s attempt to hide its failed global temperature projections:

The Met Office have today issued their latest piece of warmest propaganda, Forecast suggests Earth’s warmest period on record.

It includes this graph, showing observations (black), forecast (blue) and previous forecasts (red).

The climate scientists quoted seem to be in denial of the recent cooling shown in their own graph, claiming that the Earth’s average global temperature has ‘remained close’ to the 2015 peak.

But notice that in the graph there is a gap from 2015-2019, with no previous forecast shown there. Why would that be? Is it because the Met Office didn’t make any forecasts for that period?

Well, in fact they did. Here is the Decadal Forecast 2016 (confusingly, published in Jan 2017), which included this graph:

One thing to notice is that the Met Office has done some major goalpost-moving, switching the baseline from 1981-2010 to 1850-1900, which makes comparisons difficult, but if you compare the two you can easily see that the observations line in the 2019 graph (there are two of them, it’s not explained why or what they are) would fall out of the blue region of the 2016 forecast.

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Who would alter (counterfeit) important climate data if the measurements really did show a problem?

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