MILO: Pollsters Are Helping To Rig The Election

Giving a speech at George Mason University, MILO argued that pollsters are part of the process of rigging elections.

“While the media works night and day to prop up Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, pollsters are doing their best to portray the race that the Democrats and the media want you to believe exists,” he said.

He contended that their method of doing this was by oversampling Democrats, (such as in the poll below,) and that the latest release of WikiLeaks emails have shown that they “work directly with the Clinton campaign to figure out the best way to skew the polls.”

Pollsters would have you believe that the turnout for this election will be similar to Obama’s historic run in 2008.  It isn’t going to happen folks. Hillary can’t even get a fifth of my crowds, and I don’t pay unionists to show up!,” he continued.

Evidence has previously shown that polling data can have a significant impact on elections as some voters can become uninterested if they believe their preferred candidate is not going to win.

He cited Britain’s vote to leave the European Union as a failed attempt by pollsters to skew the result, as they predicted the remain campaign to win by a comfortable margin.

“The pollsters are part of election rigging. Their only goal is to demoralize Trump supporters into not voting.” More ..



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