WIKILEAKS Clinton Campaign Knows They’re not Focused on Black Voters…And they Don’t care

The Clinton campaign knows that they are not focused on black voters.

They take the black vote for granted.

Throughout the years, Obama has focused on illegals and refugees – giving them taxpayer “freebies” while blacks suffer in crime-riddled neighborhoods, drowning in poverty, drugs, and hopelessness.

However, when it’s ECLECTION TIME, the Democrats are back with their hands out looking for a vote.

So how will the Clinton campaign address the need to be more FOCUSED ON THE BLACK VOTER?

By fixing poverty, cleaning up inner cities, and allowing them school choices?

No, silly, that’s Trump plan.

Clinton’s campaign will just hire “token black” as a “Vice Chair” for the campaign and call it a day.

That’s not caring; that’s barely “pacifying.”

Clinton is so out of touch and disinterested in the REAL NEEDS of black voters and black communities.

She’s a globalist – her focus will NEVER be on everyday Americans.



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