Netanyahu Reveals Why President Trump’s Visit to Israel is HISTORIC

President Trump has landed in Tel Aviv, Israel for a one-day trip.

The President left Riyadh on Monday and touched down in Tel Aviv, where he delivered a statement that included a declaration of,”We love Israel.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was all smiles, happy to forget the last 8-horrific Obama years.

Netanyahu pointed out the historic significance of President Trump’s visit in a tweet, welcoming Trump to Israel.

This is the first time a President has included Israel as a stop on their first trip abroad.

This significance of President Trump’s gesture was not lost on Netanyahu, who was filled with hope after Trump’s stunningly successful visit to Saudi Arabia.


FOX & Friends 5/22/17 | 8AM | Pres Trump Remarks with Pres Rivlin

Sarah Netanyahu Tells Melania Trump of Common Bond: ‘Media Hate Us but the People Love Us’


The Times of Israel reports: After their husbands praised the “unbreakable bond” between Israel and the US at the welcome ceremony for US President Donald Trump, Sara Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, told US First Lady Melania Trump that the two couples had more in common than pure geopolitical interests.

Chatting candidly on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, Sara Netanyahu said that, like the Trumps, Israel’s “first couple” had been treated unfairly by the media but were loved by the people. “You know in Israel all the people like us. The media hate us but the people love us,” Netanyahu told the first lady in a recording that picked up their private conversation. “Like you.”

“We have a lot in common,” Trump replied. Netanyahu, with a broad smile on her face, promised to continue the discussion “over dinner.”


FULL EVENT: President Donald Trump Delivers A Perfect Speech w/ PM Nethanyahu In Israel

Publisert 22. mai 2017

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will depart Riyadh, Saudi Arabia en route to Tel Aviv, Israel. The President will then participate in a bilateral meeting with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel. In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks with President Rivlin.
The President and the First Lady will then visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall. In the evening, the President will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The President will then give remarks with Prime Minister Netanyahu.
In the evening, the President will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and deliver remarks in a joint press event with him. Later in the evening, the President and the First Lady will have dinner with Prime Minister and Mrs. Netanyahu.

Video Footage of Mr and Mrs Trump in Israel



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