Netanyahu Working To Find Countries To ‘Absorb’ Palestinians Who Want To Flee Gaza

Published December 27,  2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of his political party on Monday that he’s working to identify countries that are are willing to “absorb” Palestinians who want to leave the territory.  

Netanyahu’s remarks in front of a group of Likud Party members came in response to a statement from Knesset legislator Shani Danon, who said:

“The world is already discussing the possibilities of voluntary immigration. The Canadian immigration minister said the things publicly and so did Nikki HaleyWe must establish a team of the State of Israel to deal with this issue, and make sure that those who want to leave Gaza to a third country can do so. It needs to be settled. It has strategic importance for the day after the war.” 

“Our problem is countries that are ready to absorb and we are working on it,” replied Netanyahu. The daily national newspaper Israel Hayom was first to report the exchange. Hayom is a conservative paper owned by the family of the late billionaire pro-Israel Republican Party benefactor Sheldon Adelson.

Israeli officials’ talk of Palestinians engaging in “voluntary” migration must be scrutinized in light of conditions Israel is imposing on the 25-mile-long Gaza Strip.



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Rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: via Wikimedia Commons)
Published December 26, 2023

According to Anadolu, Palestinians condemned Netanyahu’s plan, calling for an international stand against it.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is reportedly pushing plans to implement migration of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

According to media reports, Netanyahu told his ruling Likud Party members on Monday that “our problem is the countries that are willing to absorb (them), and we are working on it.”

Anadolu News Agency reported that Likud member Danny Danon “added that Israel must form a committee to follow up the issue to ensure that anyone who wants to move to a third country can do that.”

The United States, Arab, and European countries have voiced opposition to imposing any form of forced migration on Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Anadolu, Palestinians condemned Netanyahu’s plan, calling for an international stand against it.

“Netanyahu’s confessions regarding the displacement of our people is a new blow to the countries supporting him in the genocidal war on Gaza Strip,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.



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Israeli official denies Washington Post article, which claims ‘stark differences’ between DC and Jerusalem over what should happen in Gaza after the war against Hamas

US President Joe Biden is greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport, October 18, 2023, in Tel Aviv. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Published December 22, 2023

At the start of the war in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US President Joe Biden whether he could pressure Egypt to accept some of the Strip’s population into its territory for the duration of the conflict, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Biden told Netanyahu that Cairo did not view this as an option, the report said, without citing sources.

The report, however, also quoted an unnamed Israeli official outright denying the request had been made. “The assertion that Israel is trying to push Gazans out and into Egypt is false,” the official was quoted as saying.

Earlier this month Axios reported that Egypt has warned Israel and the US not to allow a situation in which displaced Palestinians flee from the Strip into the Sinai Peninsula. Such an eventuality could cause a “rupture” in Egypt-Israel relations, Cairo was said to warn.





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