Netherlands: Hostage situation in Ede, large police presence

Police urged people to avoid the area and not to try to watch the operation
Published March 30, 2024

Police said several people were being held hostage in central Ede. They said there was no sign yet of terrorism as a motive, and later said three hostages had been freed but that the situation was not over.

A heavy police presence, including special units, deployed in central Ede in the Netherlands early on Saturday morning, amid a hostage situation initially involving “several people.”

Three people were released later that morning and it was not clear how many hostages had been involved in total, but police said the situation was “not over” when announcing the three departures.

What do we know so far?

Police in the state of Gelderland had mentioned an operation online earlier on Saturday, without specifying its nature, and urged people to avoid the area and not come to watch.

“Update Ede: A hostage situation involving several people is underway in a building in the center. That is why several specialist services are on site,” police said later.

Police said “at the moment there is no indication of a terrorist motive.”

The next update followed around one hour later: “Three hostages have just been released. The situation is not over yet.”

Police cordoned off and tried to clear an area of roughly 150 homes near the operation.



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Dutch police officers stand near the Cafe Petticoat, where several people are being held hostage in Ede, Netherlands March 30, 2024. REUTERS/Piroschka Van De Wouw Purchase Licensing Rights
Published March 29,  2024
EDE, Netherlands, March 30 (Reuters) – A hostage situation in a nightclub in the eastern Dutch town of Ede was continuing on Saturday, and three people have been released, police said in a statement.
A gunman took several people hostage earlier on Saturday and threatened to detonate a bomb, media reports said.
It was unclear how many people were still being held after three employees were seen by reporters fleeing the area with their hands above their heads.
There was no indication of a terrorist motive, police said.
Several special police units were deployed to the scene, a building in the centre of town, police said in a post on social media. They said 150 homes had been evacuated and the public was asked to stay away from the area.
People were being held at the Petticoat nightclub by a man with weapons and explosives, national newspaper de Telegraaf reported, citing several anonymous sources.


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Published March 30, 2024

A masked man has taken multiple people hostage in a Netherlands town, sparking mass evacuations from surrounding homes.

Heavy police presence and bomb removal teams have been seen in a cafe in Ede, less than 60 miles from Amsterdam, after the man in question claimed to have explosives.

Three hostages were just released around 10.15am UK time, but one more reportedly remains inside with the perpetrator.

Police said in a statement: ‘We notice that there are many questions about the reason. At this time there is no indication of a terrorist motive.’

The bearcat – a very heavy armored police car used in ‘exceptional’ circumstances, has also been seen arriving on the scene.

Three of the released hostages were seen crying after their release
Three of the released hostages were seen crying after their release (Picture: Shutterstock)
Map shows the Dutch town of Ede just 60 miles away from capitol Amsterdam
The town of Ede is just 60 miles away from capitol Amsterdam (Map: Adam Williamson)



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