August 21, 2022 Cherry Timbol 0

Myra Hindley was a serial killer of small children, murders she committed in partnership with boyfriend Ian Brady. Who Was Myra Hindley? Serial killer Myra Hindley was from England. […]

Why We Are Drawn to True Crime Shows

August 3, 2022 Cherry Timbol 0

Given the tremendous buzz and interest in reality programs such as Netflix’s Making a Murderer, about the exoneration and then murder conviction of Steven Avery, HBO’s The Jinx, about eccentric millionaire and […]

New York City is a Sh*thole

August 20, 2020 Larsen 0

Image: Rat sightings are up 60% in NYC since Mayor Bill de Blasio slashed Sanitation Department’s budget by $100M – leaving piles of garbage to stack up on sidewalks […]