NY Gov. Kathy Hochul defends going to slain NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller’s wake after being told ‘his blood is on your hands’

Attendees of Diller’s funeral told Hochul that “his blood is on your hands” at his wake.
Published March 30, 2024

Gov. Kathy Hochul said she “understands” why slain NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller’s family is “outraged,” but insisted Saturday she was never told to leave the hero cop’s wake — despite being abruptly told “his blood is on your hands.”

“I would do it again, and that’s my job,” said Hochul, defending her decision to attend Diller’s wake a day earlier on Long Island.

“We were told the family is welcoming. We always check, and they said to come, and I went. And no one told me to leave,” Hochul also told Politicoduring an Easter event at the governor’s mansion in Albany.


SOURCE: www.nypost.com

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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul delivers her State of the State address in the Assembly Chamber at the state Capitol in Albany on Jan. 10, 2023.
Published March 30,  2024

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) pushed back on rumors that she was asked to leave a slain NYPD officer’s wake, saying that nobody told her to in the wake of being confronted by a mourner on Friday.

“We always ask: ‘Would the families like us there?’ If the families say, ‘No, this is the time for our personal family grieving, we don’t want a politician there,’ we don’t go,” Hochul said on Saturday during an Easter event, according to Politico.

“In this case, we asked. We were told the family is welcoming. We always check, and they said to come, and I went. And no one told me to leave.”

Hochul attended NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s wake on Friday. Diller was a law enforcement member who was shot on Monday in Queens at close range, prompting more criticism toward Hochul and the state to strike down on bail reform.

During her attendance, she was confronted by a man whom the New York Post identified as a Diller family member. The man was Diller’s uncle, according to the outlet, citing one source.

He had a tense conversation with Hochul as she was leaving, based on the video which later went viral.


SOURCE: www.thehill.com

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Published March 29, 2024

Update (4:30 PM EST):  The New York Post is now reporting that Hochul was not asked to leave, claiming that a source said Hochul only stayed 15 minutes. The Post says Hocul  left after an “animated” conversation with Diller’s widow.

This week, services were held for 31-year-old Jonathan Diller. Diller was the New York City Police officer gunned down by a criminal named Guy Rivera during a routine traffic stop. Rivera has 21 arrests to his name. Diller left behind a wife and one-year-old son.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul decided to attend Diller’s wake. That decision might have been made out of her desire to pay her respects, which most people find dubious, or out of a desire for a photo op, which many consider to be the more realistic scenario. Whatever her reasons were, she did not stay long and was quickly shown the door.

According to a report in the New York Post, Hochul arrived at the Massapequa Funeral Home Thursday afternoon, which was the second day of the viewing. Hochul was there for all of ten minutes before being informed that her presence was not wanted. In fact, someone was overheard saying “Get her outta here.” When she left, she was seen having what appeared to be an animated confrontation with a man in a black suit. Hochul’s departure was also met with applause from several cops standing outside.

Hochul is one among many New York politicians who have been rightfully feeling the heat for lax laws and progressive policies that have given criminals the run of New York City. Frankly, even if her heart had been in the right place, she should have had the grace to recognize that she would have been persona non grata at the wake. After all, Hochul and people of her ilk have no grasp of responsibility and are unable or unwilling to connect the dots between their policies and societal decay and chaos. They either ignore the consequences of their actions, or they believe that if they just hang in there long enough, the wonders of progressivism will magically right the ship of state. The post notes that even NYC Mayor Eric Adams has “renewed his calls for Albany to address criminal recidivism following the shooting involving two suspects with lengthy criminal records.”


SOURCE: www.pjmedia.com


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