NEVER AGAIN! 62% of Dems and Indie Voters DO NOT Want Hillary to Run Again

While there have already been rumblings of Hillary possibly running again in 2020, the latest polling shows that she would likely not even make it out of the Democratic party Primary. The fact of the matter is Hillary already lost in BOTH 2008 AND 2016 and it would be INSANE to allow her to be the party torch bearer once again.

From Politico

The majority of Democratic and independent voters made clear that they don’t foresee Hillary Clinton in their 2020 vision of the presidential election, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-two percent of Democrats and independents surveyed said the twice-failed presidential candidate shouldn’t mount another campaign in 2020, and only 23 percent would be excited by her campaign if she did.

A majority of Democrats and independents would like to see a new name, though. While 35 percent would be excited about a Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren run and 10 percent for former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, 66 percent would like to see “someone entirely new” become the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer as it looks to rebound from a surprising Election Day loss that saw Donald Trump prevail over Clinton and Republicans maintain control over the House and Senate.

We just don’t see it happening.




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