Nigel Farage backs Trump on refugee crime in Sweden, says media is lying

JACKSON, MS – AUGUST 24: Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, right, greets United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage during a campaign rally at the Mississippi Coliseum on August 24, 2016 in Jackson, Mississippi. Thousands attended to listen to Trump’s address in the traditionally conservative state of Mississippi. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Former UKIP leader and Brexit hero Nigel Farage is backing up President Trump on his comments about refugee crime in Sweden that were mocked by the left and many in the media. Farage vociferously accused the media of covering up the crimes while speaking on LBC, a digital radio station in Britain.

“Pro-rata Sweden has taken more young male migrants than any other country in the Europe,” Farage exclaimed.

And there has been a dramatic rise in sexual crime in Sweden – so much so that Malmo is now the rape capital of Europe, and some argue, perhaps the rape capital of the world. And there is a Swedish media that frankly just doesn’t report it.

“And if those comments by me on Sweden have enraged any of you,” he concluded, “then please, feel free to call.”

Farage was referring to a comment made by Trump at his rally in Florida where he appeared to refer to an attack in Sweden the day before – no such attack had occurred. When confronted with it, the administration said he was referring to a report he saw on Fox News about migrant crime in Sweden skyrocketing. The former Prime Minister of Sweden took the occasion to mock Trump on Twitter, sprouting many copycat sarcastic attacks on the president.

Farage followed up on Twitter, posting a statistic from the United Nations showing that the rate of police-recorded rape per 100,000 in 2012 is much higher in Sweden than in other countries.

He added that reported rapes in Sweden had trebled, or tripled, from 2003-2010.

But critics of these kind of arguments claim that the reason instances of rape have increased over the last decade is that Sweden expanded the definition of sexual assaults in order to include more crimes.

For example, the law change meant cases where the victim was asleep or intoxicated were from 2005 included in the rape figures where previously they had been counted in a different “sexual abuse” crime category.

They also reject the comparison of rape stats from country to country, citing the wide variety of reporting standards – something which is an issue in many comparisons.

…even UNODC itself has cautioned against such country against country comparisons, issuing its statistics with the ‘health warning’: “Please note that when using the figures, any cross-national comparisons should be conducted with caution because of the differences that exist between the legal definitions of offences in countries, or the different methods of offence counting and recording.”

They point to the statistics showing a great increase in refugees beginning in 2011, but showing a decrease in instances of rape from 2011 to 2012.

Glenn Beck spoke to Filmmaker Ari Horowitz who has been documenting the rise of crime because of the surge of refugees into Sweden, and the claims that the government and the news media are covering it all up.



The statistics doesn’t say anything about recent years huge influx of “rapefugees“, example 2015 and 2016 when it was really bad and the numbers really went up.



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